Man has long dreamed about the possibility about the possibility of Increasing his sexual capacity or of stimulating the sexual desires. More frequency of Intercourse & masturbation subject to Dysfunction & Deformed penis. Anmol Tila Shahanshai is highly beneficial for muscular weakness of male genital organs.

Anmol Tila Shahanshai is useful in lac of Aphrodisiac, sluggishness, lac of muscular stifiness of penis, lose of libido, lac of erection, atonicity of muscle of penis, Deform of penis, lac of sexual capacity, lac of sexual desireness, unsatisfaction in intercourse, Undersize of penis, early egaculation of semen, lac of Blood circulation in penis.

How to apply : 4-6 drops of oil massage gently on the genital organ avoiding starting part for period 2-3 minutes (For External Use Only). Two times in a day or directed by the physician.

Available : 15 ml. & 25 ml.